America needs a poet fer president
ta help the poet in each citizen stay alive.

There've been too many bone-head actors
power-hungry lawyers
peanut-brain governors
military moguls
& plastic millionaires.

We need people
listening ta antelope & caribou
nut just oil executives
fixated on whud dare bottom lines do.

We need people
whose principles aren't up for sale:
not Mickey Mouse mannequins
mouthing clichés that-r-stale.

We need people
envisioning multi-ethnic peace.

And yes –
people courageous enough
to convert weapon plants
into mushroom factories!

Kris: Most presidents are chosen on the basis of good looks, military background, or religious views.
Terri: True. Why are so many Americans puritanical about sex, yet crass about violence?
Sam: (shrugging his shoulders) I wish I knew the answer.
Tim: The world would be better off if it were the other way around.