Our country needs a poet for president
to help the poet in each citizen stay alive.

There've been too many bone-head actors,
power-hungry lawyers, peanut-brain governors,
military moguls, and ego-maniac millionaires.

We need people listening to antelope and caribou,
not just real estate developers or oil executives
fixated on how their bottom lines do.

We need people whose principles
aren't up for sale:
not Mickey Mouse mannequins
mouthing clichés that-r-stale.

We need people envisioning multi-ethnic peace,
who realize this planet is
not merely for human beings.

And yes – we need people courageous enough
to convert the entire military
into an eco-protection unit
that will make our planet green!
Tim: This sort of America will never exist. The nation is run on the basis of greed, not any deep ecological ethos.
Sam: It is also based on deeply entrenched conservative Biblical world views. Nature is viewed as a resource to exploit, not a holistic system that we are a small part of.
Ted: Yeah. A green America would require a significant change in consciousness. And consciousness is not something we can legislate.
Terri: However, it is something we can manipulate. In fact, advertisers are constantly trying to do precisely that.