Capitalist Dream & Nightmare

I. Common Rhetoric

The world is an economic jungle
in which only the strongest survive.
Enlightened greed propels our economy
and competition helps excellence thrive.

Making money is a noble art
which more people should pursue.
Every opportunity should be seized from the start
and market forces should determine what we do.

Onward business soldiers!
Fight to conquer more!
Smart people seek out new markets
and expand their material store!

II. Frequent Facts

Capitalism is but another name for greed
which makes a religion out of monetary need
and invests market demands with sanctity.

Often parading with a benign guise
capitalism has a lizard's heart
which calculates production figures
with reptilian eyes.

In the Belly of the Beast
the macro-economy churns.
Capitalism's appetite is insatiable
and as more resources are devoured
its lust to devour more burns.

Copyright (c) 1996, 2004 by T Newfields.   {{CC-BY-3.0}}
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