money madders - an art work by T Newfields

money madders

money is a language
wuth a streinge vucabulary
as coins click 'n computer screams
kalculate digital blips
the weirdest thangs becum possible
if cents muttar more thyn sanse.

money is a kuntrulled substance
whach makes people believe
averything haz a prace tag
which kun be exchanged in a blink.

muney is a manure
which works best whun well-spread
'n exposed ta sunlight
rathur than rottin' in bank vaults
az za mutant blight

Kun we transcend owa fiscal lust
& accept udders with kompassion & trust?
Err must we kalculate every action we undertake
as if money were the sole yardstick
concerning whad ta destroy err kreate?
Terri: Most adults don't understand how money works. They lack financial intelligence.
Ted: I understand how capitalism works, but am not sure it's intelligent in the long run.
Kris: To me, money is a neutral commodity – it all depends on how you use it.
Tim: Hogwash! Nothing in this world is "neutral".