Trumpus-Rumpus - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields

America's dick
has a giant lump
manifesting as a tumor
in the shape of Donald Trump.

It tries to measure up
to great leaders of the past
but by all yardsticks
the only thing it approximates
an elephant's ass.

Money rules
& self-serving plutocracy stands.

Make Amerika grate again?
Rigged votes say "okay."

Yet how how much blood
will stain the land?
Sam: So why did Noam Chomsky call Trump a distraction?
Ted: Isn't it obvious? His shenanigans obfuscate our attention away from the real news, which is the systematic dismantling of democracy and the creation of a two-tiered plutocracy.
Kris: Sounds like ancient Rome!
Ted: Yes, in many ways. And like Rome, it shall end in ruins.