Great Master Expounds Eternal Truth!

What I teach is simply a science:
a systematic way to reach God.

At the Dawn of Time
when great rishis awakened
they understood how to attain the Highest
and channel enlightenment with a nod.

Unfortunately, in this Age of Materialism
that Ancient Wisdom has become obscured

But by the Grace of our Master
all obstables have been removed!

Now for the benefit of every being on the planet
the Timeless Teaching is available!

Finally the Wisdom of the Ages has blossomed:
Global Transformation is what we need.

This has nothing to do with religion:
simply "scientific spirtuality".

This has nothing to do with business:
simply Eternal Teaching.

Sincere aspirants have only to pray for redemption
& the Light of the Universe will appear.

Pray with complete sincereity
then through the Grace of our Dear Master
Enlightenment will draw near.
An-Yi: (confused) Uhm . . . is this a satire? Is the author actually serious about this Hindu gibberish?
Bhäraté: Perhaps it is serious satire?
Daiki: Or a deep statement with playful irony?
Chariya: Most people like things to be clear-cut. However, to me life seems rife with mysterious paradoxes.
Daiki: Yeah, and moreover ordinary human awareness seems like an inadequate tool for grasping so-called "reality."
An-Yi: Ugh! Too much philosophical baggage here! Bye guys! (waving farewell) I'm out the door . . .