Prologue to Part II

Daiki: Can you make sense of India?
Bhäraté: (laughing). You could spend many lifetimes in India and still never fully make sense of it.
Chariya: I think the best thing is to experience India directly, then worry about "sense" later on.
Daiki: And how would you do that?
Chariya: (shrugging his shoulders). I dunno – there is not one single formula. Each person will come to India in their own way. Literally and figuratively, they will each carry different baggage and go to different destinations.
An-Yi: So what is the defining hallmark of "India"?
Chariya: (perplexed) Why should a country need a single defining hallmark? There are many hallmarks in India, and each has its own glory.
An-Yi: Thank you. I think you have answered my question.

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