Daiki: It seems a book only "lives" as long as it is taken to heart and practiced. In that sense, many sacred texts of the past are now dead.
Bhäraté: Books have lifespans – just as people. We should accept the natural recycling process.
An-Yi: (nodding) Yet unlike people, sometimes lost books come back to life. At times books have actually been revived.
Chariya: You guys confuse books with essential teachings. Essential teaching require no books – just committed beings to embody them and transmit them . . .
Tim: (shaking his head) Ahh, book-schmook-crook! Today we are flooded with so much information that I doubt any books will have much impact: they are just passing blips on a computer screen. The Great Silence of the universe is the only real "book" we should be listening to.

Rama's Legacy - an art work by T Newfields