Master Fen Enters the Room
Master Fen Enters the Room - an image by T Newfields

An-Yi: Do you think some people are actually "englightened"?
Bhäraté: Perhaps all of us are "enlightened" in some ways and blind in others.
An-Yi: No - what I mean is, "Do fully enlightened humans exist?"
Chariya: It would be the height of folly to claim enlightenment: God alone is great.
An-Yi: I used to believe that enlightenment was actually a "higher" state of consciousness. Now I'm more inclined to think of enlightenment as a sociological construct. If any group of followers idolizes a given person or object, that person or object will appear as "englightened". The followers create the idol.
Daiki: Makes sense to me. One person's master is another person's laughing stock. In order for some persons to seem enlightened, others must be seen as ordinary, sinful, or ignorant.
Chariya: What does this have to do with Master Fen?
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