Democracy in Taiwan

They say "Taiwan is a democracy"
Yet all citizens must carry IDs
and party politics is seldom clean.

They say "Taiwan is free"
Yet many crimes carry the death penalty
and often money speaks.

Perhaps it is time to rethink:
Isn't Taiwan is a "democracy" simply because it's pro-US?

Is any friend of Uncle Sam
welcoming clean-cut missionaries
a "democracy"?

The formula is simple:
"Democracy" is a commodity bought and sold
exactly like slaves were
in times of old

Bhäraté: This poem is naive nonsense! What's written here about Taiwan can be said of many countries.
An-Yi: First of all, I don't think this deserves to be called a "poem". It is simply an assembly of rhetorical garbage. Secondly, I agree that democracy is relative. There is no perfect democracy on Earth.
Chariya: Maybe so, but isn't it a goal that's worth aspiring for?
Satoru: The older I become, the less sure I am. Without a fundamental shift in human conciousness, perhaps all political formulas are useless.
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