Gwen: This poem seems to deny ephemera, yet isn't it within the nugatory that the noetic lies?
Carlos: (surprised) Huh? What planet are you from?
Orapan: I think Carlos is trying to say that many things are beyond our understanding.
Noel: (laughing). Look: lots ah people around the world are starving. Why are you are chatting about poetry?
Orapan: Well, for me poetry of way of remembering the things that make life worth living.
Gwen: Of course, it is good try to make the world better. However, don't disparage poetry!
Noel: (cynically). Argh, this talk is useless! I think I will "make the world better" by drinking a nice cold beer!
Illumination Foreseen - an art work by T Newfields
What we are today
is but a fraction of what we could be

Our hearts have more possibilities
than we've dared to see

We are flickering candles
in a star-studded night

The illumination we now produce
could be infinitely more bright

We are meant to shimmer strongly
& shine with luminosity!

Why tinker with ephemera
when there are countless discoveries?

Rejoice as swarming moths
against eternity's candlelight!

Through conscious intention
be radiant & bright

Be confident,
even when it seems like night