Gwen: Hey whatz diz? Noel: Not much – but I luv poetry 'n art without meaning.
Tara: Beetz me. D'ya trust words? Orapan: That's almost liberating, in a way . . .

Spring Bodhi - an art work by T Newfields
Gradually Learn
new ways to create

Since we only live a moment
it's worth producing art –
Our Brightest Moments Are Radiant
& Illuminate the Heart

Though most literature goes unnoticed
& art dies in obscurity
We Were Born for Brilliance –
So Shine with Intensity

There's more to us than stardust –
of this there is certainty
We Can Grasp the Thoughts of Ancients
& Contemplate Dimensional Geometries

Though wisdom in this world
seems rare
Nurture Each Insight

Prepare your heart well
& Relish Those Moments
When You Touch the Light