Mums - an art work and poem by T Newfields

Imagine the sun as a flower
& earth as a slender stalk of green!

Imagine petals as fiery novas
whose leafy tongues lick luminosity!

O shining floral trumpets
& bouquets of gold-saffron melody!

Inhale this blazing vortex –
& breathe its rich russet luminosity

After that
how can you be glum?
Noel: Flowers speak a language directly to the heart.
Gwen: Yes, flowers at full bloom are intoxicating. Their life cycles remind us that all things exist within larger and smaller cycles.
Tara: Wasn't it Theodore Roethke who said, "Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light."?
Orapan: (laughing at the pseudo-intellectual garbage being spoken) Woof! Woof!