Melissa: Many of us suffer from info shock.
Satoru: Yeah, after a certain point, people don't wanna read err hear any muure – their intellects shut down. At that point, dogmatic thinking often kicks in. People sufferin' frum information overload tend ta rely on instinct rather than rational thinking.
Melissa: Geoge Bush is a good example of how dangerous this can be: he exhibited a blatant disregard of facts if they contradicted pre-conceived notions.
Liao: We need to learn how to critically digest information. Many people have poor information filtering skills.
Tim: For the bulk of people, it'll never happen. It 's in the interest of ruling elites to create passive consumer-cows who are easily manipulated.
Liao: Is it? I'm not so sure . . .
Info Shock - an art work by T Newfields

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