Computer Software License Simplified

We, the developer,
hereby have the right to screw you.
Technically speaking,
we assume the right to change any feature of our software,
collect any information from your computer,
do anything to facilitate our sales,
without liability for any damage(s) that might ensue.

You, the consumer,
basically have no rights.
You are simply a digital serf with limited choices
and an insignificant life.
Technically speaking,
you have the right to push the "agree" button
then continue to use the software you've purchased,
or to press the "cancel" button
and be left with a piece of useless junk.

___ Yes! I have read the above and I "agree."

Bill: This resembles all too many computer software contracts!
Liao: For sure! Many high-tech giants have the financial resources to shape government consumer protection policies.
Gus: All too often, what is euphemistically called "consumer protection" amounts to a joke.