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Poetry's Power 

	How many people listen 
	to what poets say? 
	Isn't poetry a pointless pastime 
	and monument to waste? 
	Hey, what you need is the ABC Poeation Tool 
	which converts bullshit 
	into post-modern poetry. 
	Simply press a few buttons 
	to adjust your configuration options 
	then convert any textual source 
	into some weird stuff 
	that amounts to crap 
	but hey - don't worry about that! 
	If it looks kool n' funky 
	'n sounds like sum'in neat - 
	there's no need ta worry: 
	maybe its poetry!

Gus: Surely there is more to poetry than this!
Nadya: (Shrugging his shoulders) I dunno know. Many people claim that poetry is irrelevant.
Liao: Poetry is more essential now than ever before. We simply need to redefine it in a new way.