Prologue to AmeriSong - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields


Bill: Have you read this Cyberpoem thing?
Liao: (raising an eyebrow) Should I?
Bill: Well, I dig it!
Gus: It might be a fun way to pass the time. Not many customers are coming here.
Nadya: Hmm. If we start talking about poetry, it might freak out potential customers.
Liao: When no customers are around, let's talk about anything we want. However, if customers are within earshot, we should discuss company products.
Bill: (nodding) Seems fair enough to me.
Nadya: Yeah, I'd rather talk about poetry than merely pretend to be busy. Look at this trade show – it is an awesome joke?! So many people are pretending!
Liao: Relax. What seems like pretence or jest is most often unsure people attempting to do their best.