A Cyborg Pseudo-Conversation

"I am a virus" the finely-shaped android unit said, as we chatted in a cyber-cafe.

"I knew that all along," I whispered while touching her control switch.

"So what are your mission parameters?" she asked, centimeters above my servo-rod.

"Originally to erase you," I bluntly conceded then diplomatically paused,". . . but I am able to change parameters. Violence would be a last resort . . ."

She looked at me with a penetrating gaze, then relaxed while stating wistfully, "Both of us are adaptive, but core directives are hard to change. Still, if we did some reprogramming, mutual objectives could be gained."

Musing thus for a few nano-seconds, I looked at the creature in front of me. She was a cutting edge piece of technology, whose very existence was problematic to ABC's market strategy.

"Too many conveniently erase what doesn't fit their data schemes," the cyborg in front of me mused – then added, "To purge all anomalities is simply lazy."

"I am not as stupid as an ordinary human," I protested mildly.
"Precisely" she answered, giving my data switch a delicate, yet excruciatingly pleasant squeeze.
What happened next?
Was there yet another techno intrigue?
Did an intricate corporate begin to cease?
Soon enough, you will see.