Space Wrap - an artwork by T Newfields

Liao: Doesn't mathematics show that the entire universe can be reduced to a dot?
Bill: (laughing) That's nonsense. How could that be?
Liao: Unfortunately, I can't explain most of my intuitions.
Bill: At least you are honest about that. I hate it when folks invent implausible schemes to appear logical.
Gus: (shrugging his shoulders) Why bother? Aren't all intellectualizations ultimately a waste of time?
Bill: Intellectualization has its place, but our efforts to discern meta-meanings will likely be unsuccessful. Reality is bigger than our tiny brains can comprehend.
Liao: Yes, our attempts at wisdom are almost laughable. To gain wisdom, we've gotta go beyond sense. Real mathematics is not about sensing, but following threads of thought to a level where conclusions might seem quite senseless.