Aren't we born to love?

If so, breathe softly & remember your core.

Close your eyes & smile a bit.

Forget all self-importance,
& you'll be restored.

Hang out for a while in uncertainty:
What is the rush or concern?

"Never done that before?"

My response is,
"Great! Try something new!"

"Your mother doesn't approve?"

Well, think about this:
"Do you?"

Those with humor, courage, & insight
align their energies with the Light.

Moving closer towards what's bright
they allow alchemy to take place,
confident that
before the universal Big Rip comes,
everything will be alright . . .

Love Ratified - a art work by T Newfields
Cantara: I can't imagine real people thinking this way.
Chris: Why not? Once you have faith, amazing things are easy.
Cantara: Yeah, and many are convinced that only their faith is correct.
Tim: What's wrong with that? Maybe it's correct for them.
Miok: Lots of people get autocratic and obnoxious about their beliefs.
Aren't most wars fought in the name of faith?
Cantara: To me the whole notion of faith seems foolish.
Tim: Well, for many faith is a ground for existence.
Miok: Love does a better job since it isn't ossified. Faith isolates – love joins.
Chris: Hmm. You sound so certain of that. Doesn't that border on faith?