Agean Fantasy - a digital manipulation by T Newfields

Agean Fantasy

The smile on his face was mischievous
and the gods favoured us tonight.
When he winked there was little question –
we would feast near Arta
where Mercury's Rod offered light:

Anointing my body with oil
as a lyre stood at our feet
I ignored other handsome servants
and slid a dark grape
down his Scythian sheath.

Sighing with godlike ecstasy
while loosening my robe
he touched my sword while pondering,
"Were the Olympians themselves more bold?"

Approaching his fiery pillars
I prayed to Hercules for strength
then entering his quiet harbour
I dropped anchor
and to the gods
offered thanks.
Cantara: Many LGBT folks consider the ancient Greeks as enlightened role models.
Miok: Well, there was nothing enlightened about their system of slavery, in which servants were often required to have sex.
Cantara: True – but at least they weren't so homophobic.
Tim: (laughing) Wasn't that one reason Socrates was persecuted? In almost every society, currents of acceptance coexist with currents that isolate or reject people. The reasons for problematising a given behaviour varies from culture to culture, but the process is often the same.