Man: Oh – there she is! The one I long to see & person I desire – fill me with esctacy!
Woman: Get lost! I don't cater to fools. You're too comic to have any "cool".
Man: Thanks for reminding me of the blindness of my need! It's pure delusion to imagine
any person can offer more than a few moments of esctacy!
Woman: Don't thank me – I don't want your gratitude.
I'm too tired of losers seeking hollow fantasies to give them what they already own.

Sex Fantasy in Blue / Imagination de Sexe Dans le Bleu / Fantas’a del Sexo en Azul / Geschlechtphantasie im Blau - an art work  by T Newfields

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Copyright (c) 2000, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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