Our Opus - an art work by T Newfields

I want to decorate
your body with my lips
and weave your hair into tapestries.

I want to emblazon
your cheeks with kiss after kiss
and turn the ruddy earth of your skin
into landscapes of poetry.

I want to look into your eyes
and see a radiance so bright
that all other images fade.

Finally, I want to reach a state
where all distance becomes nil
and both of us with joy are filled


This kind of passion can't last long.


I agree. Passion is intoxicating, but soon enough passes away . . . .


Nothing is wrong with passion as long as we don't cling to it.


Is that possible? Once we taste the wine of passion, can we forget it?
Copyright (c) 1997, 2014 by T Newfields. {{CC-BY-3.0}}.
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