My Darling Vampire - an art work by T Newfields

My Darling Vampire

Of all of the vampires I have known,
Vanessa was by far the most alluring.

She bit into matters softly, with utmost discretion –
yet when initiative was called for,
was swifter than a silver arrow.

Vanessa had a capacity to see through everything,
getting down to the bones of each issue
and was never intimated by words.

She knew precisely what people desired
& could fulfill their dreams –
naturally at prices she deemed right.

She easily fanned the flames of passion
in most mortals, looking at them with a curious mixture
of compassion and scorn.

"Poor humans!" she used to say,
"They can never quite control themselves –
or recognize what is controlling them."

Too bad this fine being came to an early demise
at the hands of a fool-hearty necromancer:
a zealot with a flare of showmanship
whose love of profit was surpassed only by his lust.

Alas, the graveyards shall see her exquisite form no more
and the libraries of Transylvania
will seem strangely vacant.

However, each time I touch my neck
or feel a curious thirst for immortality
I shall remember her fangs.
Chris: So is it fair to compare humans to vampires?
Cantara: I do not know whether it is fair or not, but in some ways it seems like a valid metaphor.
Miok: (sniffing) I have certainly met some people who seemed like "psychic leeches".
Tim: (raising an eyebrow) To some degree, aren't we all?