Nadia: This pisses me off – the guy denies his own ethnicity.
Will: No. He merely acknowledges that he's more. No single part of our existence explains the whole.
Kasim: That's bull sheet. Deep down, folks are simple. We build up layers of complexity jes' ta protect ourselves.
Will: Who knows? Maybe we're simple in some ways, yet complex in others.
Kasim: Anyway, it freaks me out whun white people speak ebonic.
Nadia: Why not? We're in a blender together 'n influenced by all the stuff around us.
Wan-Sze: D'ya think we'll end up as smoothies?

Color Blind

Who sayz I ain't black
jez becas my skin 'z now white?

I been black 'n yellow 'n
blue 'n green fer many lives

Those judging others by skin color
make a big mistake - tha outer veil
iz a facade dat peels

This flesh iz dead already.
The question is:
"How much R ya alive?"

R ya living in this moment
without preconceptions – err slave
ta past conditions 'n lines?

Kun you strip folks ah divisons,
'n see how dare bones lie?

Kun ya look straight at each parson
without temptation ta hide?

Put fire ta yer vision!
Burn past pretense 'n shame!

Notice Spirit
Movin' Through Kreation
Sendin' All ta Kremation
Refusin Ta Be Tamed

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