Invasion of the Alien Lettuce - an art work by T Newfields Warning!
Mutant vegetables from outer space
are invading our green planet
& there's no escape
for anyone clinging

Some will be transformed into fiery peppers
whose acerbic acids spawn cancers
around the world

Others will turn into puffed-up tomatoes
whose rancid seeds burst
from piquant, liquid cores

Still others will mutate into noxious ivy
itching for relief
from the emptiness they abhor

Only a few garbanzos & lentils
rooted in bean-nature
will be unfazed by what comes:
no matter how weird the garden appears
some beans stay grounded
to ancient bedrock
even if
diced, fried, or grated
they calmly face everything
undaunted by sharp knives of logic
or kitchen flames