Satoru: This need to be macho – isn’t it the cause of countless suffering?
Ying: Well, perhaps people conflate “machismo” with violence and ruthless competitiveness?
Frida: I actually admire many virtues associated with machismo: toughness, determination, and one-pointedness. However any virtue carried to an extreme becomes a vice.
Dmiritri: Curious how we seem to genderize so many human attributes. I guess gender is one of the primary lenses through which we view others . . . .

D'ya wa'nna beer?
D'ya wa'nna fuck?
D'ya wa'nna go ta heaven?
D'ya wa'nna run amuk?

D'ya wa'nna be queer?
D'ya wa'nna fight?
D'ya wa'nna steer my motor?
D'ya wa'nna find delight?

D'ya wa'nna piss freely?
D'ya wa'nna getta decent job?
D'ya wa'nna pay yer mortage?
D'ya wa'nna be a frog?

Well, so many people
wa'nna do so many things.
I jest wa'nna accept meself,
'n learn ta live in peace.

Cock-Brained - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields
Dmiritri: (yawning) This might work as a rock-and-roll ballade. As a poem, however, it is atrocious!
Ying: Agreed. Once again, male hormones have made the world amuck!