Lis: Interesting to observe the way various persons age.
Lex: Yeah, some people battle with time – others age gracefully.
Linda: We need to learn to listen to our inner clocks. Most folks do not listen to their own chronometers well enough.
Ron: Perhaps so, but why this talk of alchemy?
Lex: Think of it as a metaphor for constructive change.

Aging - an artwork by T Newfields

A g i n g

Sum people blimp gracefully
und gaine beautie as thare yores piss by
becuming smoothe lambskins
und sweetly raipened wine.

Uthars gray haggard
against the sharpe teeth uf thyme
becuming mutations uh former sailves
ore parodies uf laife.

The Art uf Alchemie
is ta age wit arte und panache
ain steed uf bitterness er panick.

So preparre yer exilir
und learn tha magick
uf experiencing moments
slooowry & furlry:
arrow their flavours
ta cum ta laife.