breezes passing
over quivering leaves
also hover
near awakening seeds

winds whispering
across silent graves
also surround
the mouths of babes

death and life
embrace in many ways
and those watching closely
see past the whole charade

Ron: The idea that humans can perceive reality is an appealing fiction. At most, we might sense small snippets of reality. However, there is so much we fail to see!
Lis: (sipping some wine and smiling) How do you know that?
Ron: To be honest, I don't. I sense it, but might be misguided.
Lex: Yeah, I think we should listen to our intuitions, while acknowledging that we're fallible. Our most cherished beliefs might be entirely incorrect.
Lis: (nodding) Neither blind faith nor endless skepticism lead to wisdom: perhaps balanced pragmatism is best.
Linda: (getting bored of this conversation as the alcohol works on her brain). Yeah, yeah – whatever you say! (pausing, then to herself) Ah, humans seem to play with words in the same way that monkeys play with their genitals.