Sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Browning - an art work by T Newfields

Shu: Elizabeth Barret Browning: how much of her poetry is actually remembered?
Juanita: Perhaps a better question would be, "What do you actually remember of her?"
Ella: With poetry, quantity is not as important as quality. If you remember a single poem clearly, that is significant.
Jack: Well, I consider her Sonnets from the Portuguese a work of genius. Moreover, I am personally fond of her some of her blank verses and her post-humous _My Heart and I_. I must confess that many of her poems seem dated, but soon enough so will ours.
Ella: Indeed. I find myself re-reading some of her works. At an age when men predominated in the realm of poetry, it is refreshing to hear a female voice.
Jack: (nonchalantly) Male, female, and in between - these divisions are so arbitrary! What matters now is simple: where is my cup of tea?