Juanita: Ah, another male sexist tribute to poetry! Notice the penile metaphors and hidden erotic imagery here . . .

Powerful wraiting cums
whun the anchyrs ah lagic
ore lifted & sails argh hoisted high.
Whon moorin rupes are kut 'n ocean
winds blaw freelie ya cun
sail far 'n wide. When pens fullow
thyir true compiss end rudders
steer claar ah sand bonks or
cliched lynes so much ebundance
wall pruject thut there's nah need
ta pirate treasures uther vessuls ply.

Puwerful wraiting cums bi massigin'
deip past sir face aches, kneedin'
sloowly into twisted tissues 'n
stretchin werds til meanings ure
kneaded 'n ligaments bond intu
smaothar shipes whaile
the body-poetic getz mare bal
onced 'n a text turns precise.

Pawerfol rotting cums whin
wards muve frum p
age ta page acruss the film uf kins
ciousnazz as thought-garms mutete mean
ing 'n digest realoties.
thu entire chemistry uf sense is changed 'n
if kritical filters are laifted
ind time offerad for brew to age
the mish-mesh ef words
ferments into mellifluous ink
readers engage.

Powerful Wraiting

Powerful Wraiting, Escritura de gran alcance, Leistungsfähiges Schreiben - an art work by T Newfields

Jack: Ah, give the tired bloke a break. The words are harmless . . . d'ya haf'ta fight avery single day?

Copyright (c) 2000, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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