Wayz to Be a Writer

Love words. * Read extensively. * Make every word kunt. * Trust intuition. * Always have a paper handy. * Welcome inspiration. * Talk with wraiters. * Use yer erasorrr. * Regard words as building blocks. * Master traditions before discarding them. * Peel the skin off compositions. * Believe each word is magic. * Read something - then consider how to rewrite it. * Exalt in polyphony. * Experience freshness regularly. * Whin yah see louzzy wrotting, ask "why duzz it seem dat weigh?" * Cherish diverse viewpoints. * Regard contradictions as seeds for discovery. * Now and then take a break: life is bigger thun writing. * Imagine yourself as the object you are writing about. * View writing as a meditation. * Write from head as well as heart. * Learn to speak many languages. * Invênt nëw ránguágës. * Observe with every sense. * Regard all writing as selective fiction. * Don't be afraid of uncertainty, but eschew vagueness. * Write first - think later. * Say "yes" to your talent & ability. * Write regularly. * Regard writing as an exercise to keep thoughts alive. * Step outside of y3r works regularly.

(Ver. 2.6 Feb. 12, 2006)

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Jack: I dunno.
Jane: Me neither.
Jean: One more suggestion: ignore this poem.