Student Reactions to Prof. Wuzzy's Class

Student Reactions to Prof. Wuzzy's Class - Part 1 by T Newfields

Student 1

At least half the students were listening
and some were even intent.

A few even became excited about English literature –
that is a significant event!

I wonder what the Prof. is up to . . .
Why this sudden commitment?

Is the Prof. expecting a faculty review?
Is there some reason she cares
about how well we actually do?

Juanita: To me, the sub-text message is that most teachers do not care how well students do.
Jack: How could they? If a teacher has several hundred students to take care of, they probably focus on general trends rather than specific students.
Shuu: I agree: statistical outliers are always problematic.
Ella: But so-call 'outliers' are also human beings - not just blips on a grade sheet.
Shu: On the micro-scale, that is certainly true. However, on the macro-scale we are all merely blips.