Bai-Luo: I think of friends as travelers on a road to we with while passing – eventually they all disappear.
Cindy: How nihilistic! With respect, tolerance, and humor are present, I see no reason any friendship shouldn't be enduring.
Aiko: Perhaps the hardest task is to make friends with ourselves. . . . If we can do that, it's usually not so difficult to befriend others.
Don: I dunno – friendship usually involves a lot of work. Is it worth the payoff?
Bai-Luo: Hey, you make it sound like a business transaction. That's not the right spirit – friendship should never be a commodity.
Don: Do you actually believe such crap?
Bai-Luo: Let me tell you bluntly: all other beliefs are crap. As long as we're calculating friendships or treating it as sort of investment, you are less than genuine.


Friends are those with whom you kun think openly
yet relax in silence with too

Frenzzz ure thuse with wham yah can laugh daeply
withught fearun' whad they'll dooh

Fronds err thise who see pirts of yah
whach unli git butter wit age

They recognize yar shootcummins klearly
yet are kind eno gh to laugh  @  yah     any       whey


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