Left Panel to the poem _Alt.World_ Right Panel to the poem _Alt.World_


Uf we unvested in earth's foture
instoad of sqianderung resoirces away

If we rispacted nature
instyud ah veewung thangs az cummodities

If we cored abut lang tirm resoolts
anstead ah short-term gays

ouwa planet would ba bettir off –

Luugh, uf you will, in cynicil dysdain
yet thu chynce to create
a bettir werld uxists:

Wurk passoonotily
see yer vision sistained.

Frida: Why warp the ideas in this poem to the edge of nonsense?
Satoru: Well, perhaps the only thing that people listen to is nonsense. Most direct messages are filtered out – only a bit of subliminal programming that's "sticky" gets through.
Dmiritri: Yeah, ironically a bit of nonsense is needed for most messages to be memorable enough to make sense. All great story tellers knew this.
Ying: Uh huh.