Frida: This poem is actually a sermon.
YIng: There's nothing interesting about the so-called poem, but the artwork is interesting.
Satoru: Reminds me of a zen rakusu ring.
Dmiritri: Yeah, waves of congruence with emptiness at the core . . .

Ars Pacifica - an art work by T Newfields ars pacifica
We have perfected the science of killing –
What about the arts of peace?

Isn't it time to settle conflicts
so circles of violence cease?

We've demonstrated a capacity for vengeance –
What about an ability to heal?

Can we extend an olive branch to others
Rather than salvos of steel?

Unless we cultivate the path of peace
This planet will become barren
and a mass cemetary.

Response –

Sounds nice, but far too ideal
the real world is based on military strength
and no one pays attention to nations
without bullets, oil, or steel.

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Copyright (c) 1996, 2009 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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