Vielleicht ist die Feder doch stärker als die Klinge
Maschinengewehre scheinen allerdings noch mächtiger
Wahrend die Technik des Tötens immer schneller evolutioniert
müssen wir unseren Glauben an den Wert des Leben festigen neu entdecken.

Some people wear their beliefs like armor. Others like languorous robes. In many ways, however, beliefs are building blocks of human identity. That's why they are guarded, regarded, and discarded with such blah blah. And zat's also why so many blah - err - blah over them. And shouldn't it be noted that much blah blah has been blasted into blase blather? If zat makes sense, why B surprised that many people no longer care about beliefs, just about their little zippity-dippity doo-dah fucked up lives that lather under their skins while falling apart anyway? That's why we should sip NesCafe while pretending zat the blah blah doesn't exist or zat blah blah will erased or that nothing matters anyway. Yes, perhaps the whole world can enjoy Häagendas and watch CNN while smiling like blah blah consumer-oriented robot-sheep believing in the wisdom of Wall Street and their bawdy blah blah electronic universe! So am I clear about my beliefs? Does this start to unfuck anything?

Frida: There's something tragic when people realize their own words are non-sense.
Dmiritri: Perhaps, but maybe it's also liberating in a way. Isn't human speech part of a Great Non-sense?
Frida: Huh? Whaddya mean?
Dmiritri: [silence as eyes sparkle stranely]. . . . If any attempt is made to explain,non-sense will result. The channel of human speech is a small river in a giant ocean.
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