Frida: Can you believe it - over 500 nuclear tests have been conducted since 1945.
Satoru: Human stupidity can be amazing.
Ying: When will we stop?
Dmiritri: I suspect only when it's a necessity – not a choice.
Frida: God help us! At that point, it may be too late.

Nuclear Testing

We ‘re a peace-loving 
nation determined to be strong. 
There’s no need to be upset if we convert 
megatons of rock into radioactive dust, demonstrating 
our freedom and independence will never be for
gone. Other nations have detonated nuclear devices - 
why shouldn't we? All nations with  atomic 
arsenals need to flex their muscles so neigh
bors can see. We are proud of our techno-
logy and political respect comes
from money & 
military might. 
Even idiots  
messing with
us must pay 
an awe
Pixxâkiû: Do you think the author believed this foolish rhetoric?
AR3X108 Who knows? Rhetoric often has a seductive power.
Pixxâkiû: Only a few people consistently cut through rhetoric with clear logic.
AR3X108 That statement sounds rather naive: isn't logic itself but another form of rhetoric?
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