Frida: What's Brownian wave motion got to do with world peace?
Satoru: Well, there's an elegant mathematics behind all stochastic processes. It's tempting to say mathematical principles describe not only to material phenomena, but social ones as well.
Dmiritri: Perhaps. It seems our knowledge will never be complete.
Ying: Yep. And over long timescales, it's not too difficult to discern trends. However, when it comes to short timescales we've gotta admit this so-called "solid world" is uncertain and shaky.
Dmiritri: An important thing to recognise is how antitheitical poles feed off each other: this art work hints at that. The dance of dialectics is in many places.
Frida: You seem so detached about things . . . where is your heart?

Spheres of Influence / Sphères D'Influence / Esferas de la Influencia / Bereiche des Einflusses / Eikyou Shiau - an art work by T Newfields