POEATIONS: Main Characters

Let us begin by introducing the characters you will hear throughout this work
Anya Anya: A brilliant and inquisitive middle-aged Taiwanese woman. Once married to a wealthy businessman and a representative of a major publisher in Taiwan, she quit those roles to find a more "meaningful" life with her current partner, Devani. Now she teaches tai-chi part time while making a modest living writing travel articles in English and working on Chinese lanuage texts in Canada. She is currently attending a writer's conference in Taos, New Mexico to find new markets for her books. She is also fascinated by native American culture and has more than a passing interest in shamanism.
Devani Devani: An Indo-Hungarian lesbian activist, organic farmer, freelance translator, and amateur poet. She spent her early years in and around Delhi, where here mother attempted to prune her to become a "highly marketable" woman who would not have to depend on her partner for sustenenance. After her parents divorced in 1980 she spent several decades studying and then teaching foreign languages near Budapest. During that time she met Anya via an online forum and immediately sensed a deep affinity. Tired of academia, in 2004 she quit her job at the University of Budapest to move to Canada to live with Anya. She is attending a writer's conference just to be with Anya. "I suppose I'm worried she'll end up with someone else," she confessed. However, Devani has is also mildly interested in the publishing business. She scathingly refers to successful writers as prostitues, but secretly cherishes an ambition to publish herself.
Carlos Carlos: A young high school Spanish instructor living near Taos. He is attending a writers conference there because some of his friends are working at the event. Also he has a gift for drawing stories out of persons. Part Apache, part Korean, and proud to be Hispanic, Carlos used to do a lot of heavy drinking but in recent years has has sobered up to become "more spiritual." He is never explicit about his sexuality and prefers not mention details of his private life. Sipping a full-bodied brew of Dark Sumatra Mandheling coffee, he cautions, "Our society is sick. Great writers should be like medicine men and women who heal the wounds." Just when you think he has uttered something profound, he will burst out laughing. His laughter is contagious.
Brice Brice: An enigmatic, somewhat cynical 30-ish French-American bi-sexual bird watcher with a rotund belly and eyes that nervously dart around. He majored in English literature at a provenical university in Frace, then taught at several private scools in Europe. Now he's working on his first full-lenth novel, hoping to "make it" into the literary world. He seems to have bursts of energy when anything is possible. These are often followed by long lacunas of ennui when nothing seems worth doing. He is attending a writer's conference half-hoping to learn about publishing. Too shy to admit it when sober, Brice is open to a new relationship.