Carlos: How can we really claim to know anything?
Anya: We can't. Human understanding is too poor . . .
Devani: In an ironic way, that might be the most important thing to know.

Hemmun Knuwladge

Kun pholosophers stuiped in books
knuw anithing mure thyn linguistec
manipollutions und cinceptual nooks?

Whet folly is eur knuwladge!
How poffod up wi are!
Our knawingnass is mare ignurance:
& we cemprehend unly the sloghtest
fracteon uf thyngs whach ere

Tha smelle aff a biby
enderstands elmost nathung
yet seems sirprissingly frish

At thu end of a laifespen
all ontellectualizations
vanish in one braith

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