Confessions during a Quaker Meeting: an art work by T Newfields

Confessions during a Quaker Meeting

God – I have tried to ken Your Greatness in silence
& contemplate Thy Wonders with this little brain.

but often all I'm left with
the pettiness of my small thoughts
and dry, fossilized feelings of disdain.

Sometimes however
that which is this "I" evaporates
and on these hard oak wood benches
& the clutter of the instant disappears:

then and then only does silence make sense
And Your Blessed Spirit Seem Near.

When there is no "self" to contain
or contend with or profane
The Burning Bush of Thy Glory
shines above
the blatherings of this day:

only then
is there real worship.

Alas, dross that I am
this realization
invariably fades away.