Terri: What disturbs me most about this poem is its level of uncaring.
Kris: Satire is an insulation from pain.
Sam: To be smile at death itself – is that not heroic?
Tim: Yes, but at times I wonder if the author doesn't secretly admire what he's criticizing.

Marlboro Country, 1975

On Mechandising Machoism & Murder

Welcome to where the flavor is –
The flavor of fresh, menthol Viet Cong
and premium Virginia tobacco blended with flaming napalm.

Breathe deeply and enjoy the fragrance ah
polyester body bags 'n
villages blasted off any map.

Taste the excitement of Marlboro Country –
a place where new things happen fast.

If you're a man who enjoys excitement
with a hunger dying ta be satisfied
join the army and shoot away –
we offer you a blast day after fuckin' day!

Bored with life?
Take a puff!
Smoke this crap 'n soon enuff
you'll be tooting 'yankee doodle'
while yer machine gun chants 'tut-tut-tut!'