Prayer for Bush

Prayer for Bush - a a graphic manipulation by T Newfields
I humbly urge all people
to pray for George W. Bush

May this poor man find greater wisdom
instead of mouthing rhetorical mush

May You awaken his conscience
& give him a progressive swoosh

May You blast away his ignorance
& provide him with a moral push

May the thousands he has orphaned find forgiveness
rather than joining a suicidal putsch

Most of all, Dear Lord,
I pray this soul will stop using Your Name in vain
cuz when hatred or greed are veiled as piety
it amounts ta a spiritual am-
Terri: This guy is poisoned: anytime hatred enters our hearts, it poisons us.
Sam: Doesn't Bush need all of the prayers he can get?
Ted: This isn't a prayer – it's a satire. And I find it hard to pray for a guy who has murdered so many.
Kris: That's all the more reason to pray for him . . .
Tim: Bush represents the blind self-righteousness that's in all of us. If you look closely enough, you can find the same foolish arrogance within your own heart.
Ted: (miffed) Ah, do I need you to tell me what's in my own heart?