Primitives? an art work by T Newfields


Not creating synthetic waste
or polluting air, soil, or lake

Lacking notions of private ownership of land
or beliefs monetary profit makes life grand

Having no machines to roam through space
nor propaganda tools to spread their faith

They're labeled "primitive"

. . . yet . . .
civilizations taking haughty stands
soon enough
amount to nothing but sand

Observe air, earth, water, and space
noticing the cycles of each day
then reflect –

"Should tiny ants ever boast
about being great?"
Sam: Natural things also decay – this poem isn't logical.
Ted: Agreed. However, so-called "primitive" societies leave less imprint. Too many modern inventions take so long to decay. As a result, we're choking in waste.
Terri: In that sense, our whole civilization is primitive.
Tim: Perhaps so-called 'civilized' cultures should learn from those that are often labelled 'primitive'.