Prologue to AmeriSong - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields


Terri: So whud-d'we-haf here?
Ted: Beats me. Sum poemz 'n artsy-fartsy crap bout dah U. S. of Ehh.
Kris: In 10 seconds, what's dah gist?
Tim: Alienation, disempowerment, myth, 'n nostalgia . . .
Sam: (pouting) Hmm. Sounds dull.
Kris: And why would anyone write such stuff?
Ted: (clearing his throat nervously) Writing is a sort of mystery.
Sam: Well, as my granddaddy used ta say, "Don't worry bout sense – jes move forward!"
Tim: (laughing) That sounds gawd dang pragmatic 'n American!