Some Thoughts about Symbols & Consciousness-Raising

	are times when 
	earth touches heaven 
	and stars almost seem in r
	each when our eyes are confounded 
	by massive vertical structures and gods see
    m to dwell on mountain peaks. for some the himalayas 
    are a chain of mountains. for others a nuisance between 
    delhi and beijing. for still others, they represent intriguing 
	natural biomes. to me they are cathedrals of snow and living poetry
An-Yi: (laughing) There are no mountains! Just pixels on a computer screen!
Bhäraté: (jestfully) Aren't you making a mountain out of nothing?
Chariya: What are the Himalayas really? That uplifting of earth actually symbolizes an uplifting of consciousness.
Daiki: Perhaps to some. The same thing can suggest different things to different people.
Chariya: Granted, but human consciousness can soar much higher than we ordinarily imagine. The Himalayas can remind us of that.