Soo: Duzn't dis poem speak fer manyFortune 500 execs?
Jules: People trying so hard to reach the top that they forget how the bottom supports them.
Ellesha: Yeah, don't worry – time 'za wonderful leveler. In the bowels of this earth, we'll all sleep together.
Philyra: I'm not talking about the democracy of the grave, but rather of what happens to the living.
If you look at history closely, generally the poor 'n weak pay for the follies of the rich 'n famous.
Ellesha: In this world it appears that way. However, we don't see the entire picture.
Andrei: Such other-worldly prattle is spineless!
Speed Demons

The word "stop" does not exist
to those relishing speed.

"Slow down" & "yield"
don't figures in their vocabulary:
danger 'z the aphrodisiac
road devils need.

With transmissions in top gear
& pistons fully primed
they're always racing
towards a fictious finish line.

Bearin' the scars ah many killisions
& honkin' at vehicles passin' by
they're disasters sure ta happen
& trash heaps 'n nah time.

With hot gas belchin'
frum their tail pipes
& batteries tabasco fried
why do they race towards victory
with no thought of compromise?
Speed Demons - an art work by T Newfields

Ning: The obsession with speed was endemic to not only individuals, but societies.
Vidhya: The faster people move, the more they need to think about where they are heading.
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Copyright (c) 1996, 2009 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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