Soo: Kun you feel de spark in dis image & poem?
Philyra: Yeah. Diatoms are miniature fusion reactors. When you think about what they do – take the energy of the sun and produce life – it's amazing.
Soo: Kun you almost imagine whatto it feelsu like to be a diatom?
Philyra: Perhaps. It's a whole different reality, isn't it?
Elijah: Yep. Isn't our best hope for the future creative imagination?

NDiatom / Diatomea / Diatomeen / Keisou - an art work by T Newfields
What would it feel like
to be a fraction of a hair in length
floating through an ocean of space?

What would it be like
to be encased in silicone
as geometry incarnate?

How would it feel
to have hundreds of microfibrils
as arms & legs?

No death – just division

No sex – just endless replication

No brain – just pure sensation

How would existence seem to a diatom
swimming in shells of silicate ?