As acres of forests end up in smoke
and factories poison our air
my heart turns ashen and chokes.        
"Of this I am certain –" Gaia spoke,
"you must learn to care."

As rivers become latrines
and deserts replace former green
toxic ennui takes hold of me
reeking with pools of acrimony.

"No need for that," Gaia chastised,
"every species is a mere flicker in time."
Gaia's Voice - an digital collage by T Newfields

As forests gradually disappear
& governments promote
disinformation & fear
umbrage rips my spleen.

"That’s not helpful," Gaia rebuked,
"Though part of the problem,
you are part of the solution too.
Examine what you detest
& discover which parts of it
take place at your behest.

Observe where your time,
energy, and money goes.
Notice the investments:
How does your consciousness flow?"