Andrei: Hey, nice chick!
Jules: I dunno. The blue looks a bit melancholy. . .
Vidhya: Were men this primitive in the 20th Century?
Ning: I'm afraid so.
Healing Waters - an art work by T Newfields
If attachment to earth is the root of evil
then azure waters bring grace.

The toes? They're of no consequence
& eventually our shoulders will have no place.

Soon enough we'll swim beyond these bodies
& apreciate the beauty of each wave.

Til then, it's good ta observe currents
& find new wayz ta bathe.

      In the
   end we'll
as    no   m     ore
         th        an      pebbles        on   a   b           each:
         I    f we       em     brace
           the             ocean                  fully
our souls will be complete
Vidhya: Nearly all people are developed in a few ways, and primitive in others.
Andrei: This poem iz too deep fer me.
Ning: Indeed. Contradiction is the essence of humanity
Jules: Hey where's that beer?
Soo: Why are so many people afraid of depth?
Philyra: Hmm (sigh).